Top Rated Camping Gear: For Best Camping/ Adventure Trip You Will Even Have

Get The Right Gear That Suits You

It is essential to make early preparation when going out for any outdoor adventure. It makes a big difference to have all the necessary equipment and supplies for your overall experience and enjoyment. Your camping list will also vary depending on the places you are going and the camping activities you have planned.

The length of your trip and time of the year are also factors to be considered on an outdoor adventure. In this post, we are going to discuss how camping tents, sleeping bags, and stretcher beds can contribute to the enjoyment of your next camping or adventure trip.


Optimizing and Evaluating Your Camping Gear

The less enjoyable part of camping is when you are packing for an outdoor adventure and unpacking when the trip is over. If you are an avid camper, you will understand the importance of managing the balance between luxury and necessity. Eliminate non-essentials by auditing your camping gear. The essential items you should include in your list are camping tents, sleeping bags, and stretcher or airbeds.


Camping Tents

There are a wide variety of camping tents you can choose when planning your next trip. They are available in different colors and designs that create the best mood for camping. Your tent becomes your primary home for a camping getaway. It provides protection for natural elements such as wildlife and insects. A tightly secured camp helps keep you warm with your family and friends.

When choosing the best camping tent, pay attention to the size; height and width. This helps you sleep comfortably or move inside without any hindrance. The type of tent you choose should also be designed for the season you plan on camping. It is very disappointing to get patches of your tent being blown off during your adventure just because you made a wrong choice on the material used in your camping tent.

Other important factors to consider is the weight and ease of setup. Small camping tents are easy to carry but offer little maneuverability and space for more people. Large camping tents may be bulky but are more advantageous because they accommodate additional camping materials inside. Some allow you to stand rather than crawling when getting in and out of the tent. All these features of a camping tent determine the enjoyment of your outdoor adventure.


Equipment for your Camping Tent

It is recommended to pick up other extra items before you begin your journey to your campsite. This will depend on the type of camping tent you buy. For example, a tarp rigged above your campsite can help provide ancillary protection from rain and sun. To avoid the risk of your tent being blown away, you may consider packing extra stakes and ropes that will tether the tent in an event of a strong wind. It keeps you safe and sound all night without being worried about the harsh weather outside.

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Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are designed to keep you comfortable and warm during your trip. The filling material used in these sleeping bags determined the warmth it offers at night in a cold weather. You can either go for a variety of the synthetic insulations or the natural downs. Most of the synthetic fillings offer better water resistance compared to the natural downs and have been rated highly for warmth.

The style of your bag plays a significant role when it comes to comfort. Some of the sleeping bag choices include a relaxed open-barrel bag, a snug mummy bag, and a quite roomy rectangular bag. They serve to provide you with necessary warmth and prevent negative health impacts that come with cold weather. Most of them are made from healthy and durable materials that are best suited for harsh weather conditions during an outdoor adventure.

Sleeping pads come in three different types; air, self-inflating and closed-cell foam. Weight is not an issue when car camping which allows you to enjoy a thicker sleeping bad for extra comfort.

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Stretcher / Airbeds

It can be very difficult to enjoy your rest when you are sleeping on hard ground. Air mattress provides the much-needed comfort for a good night’s sleep. The size of your airbed or stretcher should fit perfectly inside your tent. There are models that include electric or manual air pump but you would rather check to affirm their presence before leaving. The best electric pumps allow you to adjust the firmness of your mattress without interfering with others at night as they are very quiet.

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Camping Furniture

Going back to nature does not mean that you should give up all your comforts. Once you have packed all the essentials in your camping gear, you can think of other items such as camping furniture as a way to enjoy yourselves during relaxation time or meals. Some of the camper furnishings include fold-able chairs and tables. Their folding design allows for compact storage and easier transportation. There is a wide range of options to choose from that can fit any family budget and outdoor adventures.


Other Necessities

  • Camping clothes and footwear

Always choose an appropriate attire for your camping ordeal. Pick comfortable clothing that helps you move around freely and safely. The clothes and footwear you choose will also depend on the season you are going for camping. Heavy clothing will be appropriate during cold nights.

  • Eye Masks

Eye masks are helpful in a campground with ambient light while the earplugs dampen noises arising from snoring or rustling sounds in your environment.

  • Pillows

Inflatable and small foam camp pillows transfer all your home comfort to the campsite. There are sleeping bags featuring a pocket to fold up clothing or hold a pillow.


Wrap up

There are many other things you can incorporate into your camping list but first, it is important to pack all the necessities before thinking of luxury. The five essentials for better camping are shelter, fire, food, tools, and security.  Other luxuries and comforts such as gadgets can come later. A good camping trip or outdoor adventure requires plenty of preparation and these are just some of the essential items you will need for a better camping experience